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Dear Flist,

If you enjoy clever writing and pretty pictures, please go check out the latest picture post from dominiquelechic. It can be found here: http://dominiquelechic.livejournal.com/22001.html#cutid1

You don't need to know a thing about French politics to enjoy the post, although the following might be helpful: Dominique de Villepin (Prime Minister) and Nicolas Sarkozy (aka "little worm") (Interior Minister) are political rivals on the right. Thierry Breton (he of the cat/hair) which is quite clear in some of the photos, is the Finance Minister. François Hollande may be the Left's candidate for President.

There. Now go and read and be amused and look at the eyecandy (well some of it is eyecandy), and if you enjoy it, do leave a comment for the writer. She works really hard on these posts, and I think she deserves a wider readership.

Okay, off to bed now, and will be sleeping in tomorrow as it's a holiday and I don't have a writing date with anyone but myself.

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