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TV news and a piece of trivia

Some Lost news to begin (from the Jan. 23-29 issue of TV Guide).  Edited to keep something a secret from non-TV Guide readers:

  • X-Files star [name omitted] will appear in flashbacks next month as Sawyer's precrash partner in crime ....  In the meantime, [is there] any truth to rumors that a castaway's gonna get whacked this season.  "That's probably going to happen" [executive producer] Carlton Cuse teases.  "And it's going to be someone you're invested in."  That's what [we were] afraid of.


Carnivale:  Is anyone watching this HBO series?  I don't get HBO, so missed Season 1 until the DVDs came out recently.  Then I just sucked in twelve episodes over three days.  Season 2 started a couple of weeks ago, and so far I'm refusing to ask my sister how the S1 Ep. 12 cliffhangers have been resolved.  But is my willpower strong enough to last until the S2 DVDs are released?  I'm not making any promises at this point.  *lol*  Seriously, though, if you don't know this series you owe it to yourself to rent the first season DVDs and check it out.  One critic recently said that Carnivale "makes Twin Peaks look accessible", and I'll also say that as good as I think Lost and its casting and its mysteries are, Carnivale is better.  The production values alone make the show a must-see.  The closest things I can compare it to -- Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes and Stephen King's The Stand.  Check it out if you have the chance.


Oz:  Thanks to everyone who responded to the question I posed yesterday.  You've all basically told me what I wanted to hear -- go the storage room route *g*.  Perhaps I should come down with a convenient case of the lurgy *winks at msdaccxx * so I can stay home and indulge in a two- or three-day viewing orgy ....  I might not have the chest cough when I stagger back to the office, but with the ashen pallor, sunken cheeks, and bloodshot eyes that S4 is sure to induce, nobody would dare accuse me of malingering.


Finally, a bit of trivia picked up from today's New York Times review of the new show Numbers which has its premiere on Sunday.  Anyone who can find a use for it is welcome to grab it.  According to the Times piece, there's an old Neapolitan expression meaning that someone is crazy, "Da i numeri" (he gives numbers).  It comes from the lottery.  Superstitious ticket buyers in Naples would ask asylum inmates to shout out numbers and then bet on whatever came to those unbalanced minds.

And with that I'll wish everyone a very happy weekend and sign off until Monday or Tuesday.  *waves goodbye*


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Jan. 22nd, 2005 12:56 am (UTC)
And it's going to be someone you're invested in
Noooooooo !! (well, except if it's Jack. i don't care too much about him ... lol)

i never followed the X-files so i have no clue who could be on the show, if it's not Mulder or Scully ... lol.

and that is indeed a bit of fascinating trivia!

Jan. 22nd, 2005 06:12 am (UTC)
Nonono, not even Jack!!!

i never followed the X-files so i have no clue who could be on the show, if it's not Mulder or Scully
Lol same here. But i suppose we'll be informed in time.

Happy week end to you too!

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