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Thinking very much outside the box

This letter appeared in yesterday's Financial Times (15 Aug. 2006).  The suggestions aren't quite as audacious as Jonathan Swift's plan for ending the Irish famine ("A Modest Proposal"); still, full marks to the writer for thinking outside the box.  Read and enjoy!


Given the huge cost of terror threats against aircraft and the continuing ingenuity of terrorists, it may be time to consider new ideas that ensure safer air travel.

One proposal would be to send luggage separately by dedicated cargo aircraft; at least some of the extra costs here would be recouped from the additional passengers accommodated in the cargo hold.  As far as cabin baggage is concerned, the list of permitted items should be trimmed to the barest minimum and carried in airline-issued see-through bags.  However, to eliminate totally the risk of concealed weaponsand explosives (in their increasingly imaginative forms), it may be best that passengers leave behind cabin bags and travel in the nude.

In economic terms, such steps would stimulate new markets: demand for new cargo aircraft, for courier companies specialising in delivering luggage to passengers at their destination and for duplicates for the kind of stuff people carry on aircraft - not least irritating things such as laptops and personal data assistants.

Nudist travel may of course provide a new niche opportunity for on-board entertainment.

Ashutosh Sheshabalaya,
B-7830 Brassilly, Belgium

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