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Calling all French

Okay, here I am making introductions again.

jenni_snake, meet alinewrites, babycakesin, castalie, crazybutsound (who you already know), french_hobbit, greedy_dancer, and morgared. Aline, Babycakes, Mouse, Jem, Rosie, GD, and Anne, please meet my friend Jen.

Jen is coming to France in a few weeks to take up a teaching position (and in her free time, to immerse herself in the runup to the French presidential election), and she could use advice about housing. She posted here: http://jenni-snake.livejournal.com/54809.html

You guys will like each other.

For the HP-lovers among you, ask Jen to tell you how she came up with her username.

For all you world travelers, Jen's lived in China, Moscow, Kyiv/Kiev (she was there this past January when Putin turned off the gas to Ukraine). She spent 10 days visiting me this summer.

She doesn't bat an eye at slash (but she can tell you about that if she wants to).

And there are one or two other pertinent details that some of you have in common.

So, anyway, go meet her. Tell her I sent you. :-)

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