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Especially for my French friends

jenni_snake is off on her travels again.  After the excitement of Kiev in January (when Russia turned off the gas), a stint at home in Canada, and a visit with me in Los Angeles starting in *checks calendar* 10 days (!), she's off to France in October to take up a teaching position in Versailles.  She's asking if anyone has ideas about places to rent, so I thought I'd pass her question on to all of you.  Here's her post:  http://jenni-snake.livejournal.com/48749.html.  And guys?  I'm starting to save my pennies.  I can't let her keep all the fun of the presidential election (yes I see all of you rolling your eyes) to herself, so I'm going to see if I can give myself a trip to France for a birthday present next year.  April, Jen.  You'll still be there in April, right?  (And Tavi?  What do you think about making a quick cross-Channel trip yourself?)


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