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New friends

Hi, j_amanda and ccoralacid

I just took a look at my bio page and saw that both of you have friended me.  So, I wanted to let you know that I've returned the favour.

Do you ever post, ccoralacid ?  I know you found me through my TS post about World AIDS Day, but apart from that and the fact that your LJ bio page says you're in the UK, that's all I know about you.  Care to provide some hints about your interests, or which of mine you share?

You and I, j_amanda , can discuss the finer points of hurricanes vs. earthquakes, which could be used as a metaphor for that old question -- Would you, or wouldn't you, want to know in advance when you're going to die?  Hurricanes:  knowing ahead of time, getting to set all your affairs in order, getting to make your final goodbyes.  Earthquakes:  you step into the street and get hit by a bus.  (I'm only being a little tongue in cheek here; it's actually a really interesting question, and I'd love to know which side people take.)  I'm firmly in the "wants advance warning" camp.


Dec. 23rd, 2004 07:51 pm (UTC)
No, that's okay, but I'd want to know well in advance so that I could start making preparations. You know -- like finding a guardian for the cat, culling my DVD library, bookshelves, and bedside table of everything that doesn't fit the RL image people have of me (putting all of it in one big box that I could label "Warning: Adult Material -- Open at Your Own Risk"), etc. Then, come 31 May 2005, I'd be all set. Otherwise, the parents (who along with my sister would be the ones going through my effects) would be shocked. Actually, my sister would probably be shocked too, but she has it coming. *g*