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Where does this end?

People, go read this:


The article that's referred to in the post can be accessed for a week; after that, registration will be required.

Dargie, you may have already seen the newspaper article and done a post, but I'm behind on my flist.

Jen, feel like writing an essay?


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Mar. 16th, 2006 11:43 pm (UTC)
Not an essay, so much. But I do feel like banging my head against a wall repeatedly.

All right, so by the logic of the lawyers, perhaps, since the Jewish State of Israel, which is responsible for the continued violent displacment Palestinians, and is, as we all know, backed by the U.S., the latter should be made to pay for said displacement. Then I guess really it really just comes full circle, what with the removal of Iranian objects from U.S. museums...

*heaves a heavy sigh*

*goes to hit head against wall some more*

I think this proves that lawyers should be forced to take art appreciation courses to make them more well-rounded. Or less stupid. Or something. *clutches at straws*
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