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Thanks to everyone for all the kind words after yesterday's post.  I even had Aline missing her bus on my behalf when she took the time to call me to commiserate (10:30 p.m. last night for me; 7:30 a.m. this morning for her).   During the call I also got to hear Bidule in the background making very loud, demanding, "pay attention to ME!" cat noises, lol.  So, anyway, I'm feeling better about things today, and have a treat to look forward to this evening.  Matthew Bourne's company is back in L.A. performing his all-male "Swan Lake".  I saw it live ten years ago when the work had its American premiere here; my sister managed to get a couple of tickets to tonight's performance, and we're doing dinner and the ballet as an early birthday treat.  In fact, I have to sign off now and walk over to meet her at the Water Grille.  (Yes, Jen and Tavi, the same restaurant where a certain memorable Christmas Eve dinner between a banker and a psychiatrist took place.  ;-))

Back again tomorrow, with a post about John Profumo.  I wonder how many of you remember him?


Mar. 12th, 2006 11:23 am (UTC)
Oh, I love your icon!

"Swan Lake" was wonderful; as good as I remembered. (Before last night, I'd seen it in 1997 during its American premiere, and after that I saw it once on television.) This time they were selling DVDs; I grabbed one for myself and a couple of others as gifts.

You'll have to post (or at least tell me) about "Edward Scissorhands" if you see it. It's going to be here in L.A. in December, and I definitely want to go.

Did you ever see "Play Without Words"? That was here last year; I loved it.

I figured Profumo's death would be big news in Britain. I only knew he'd died because I saw the obituary in yesterday's Financial Times. The scandal made frontpage headlines in American papers when it was going on, but, as you say, in hindsight it now seems very tame.

How are you doing, btw? Are you still having problems with your eyes?