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Another "Lost" interview

Mouse asked to see this, so I've copied out Ileane Rudolph's interview with Evangeline Lilly (Kate) from the Dec. 19-25 issue of "TV Guide":

IR:  If you were alone on an island, what would you bring?

EL:  As cheesy as this might sound, I'd bring a Bible.  And [the film] "Chocolat".  It makes you want to be a better person.

IR:  Being a better person seems to be important to you.

EL:  Yes.  I did mission work in the Philippines.  I also was a PE [physical education] teacher for juvenile delinquents.

IR:  What kind of mission work did you do?

EL:  It was a Christian mission.  We did aid work in health areas.  It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life, living with the people in grass huts in the jungle, beside crocodile-infested rivers.

IR:  How has Lost changed your life?

EL:  How hasn't it?  I live in Oahu.  I don't worry about money.  People approach me on the street.  I have a car that runs!

IR:  Will we find out what bad thing Kate has done?

EL:  You'll see her commit the crime in an upcoming episode.  It doesn't reveal the entire story, but it's a huge piece of the puzzle.  And she confesses to another crime.  So you get a double whammy there ...

IR:  Are you like Kate or another character?

EL:  Kate!  I don't believe in star signs, but I fit mine -- Leo, the lion.  They can lounge around, but you get them in the wrong moment and the next thing you know you get to feel their bite.

IR:  Have Kate and Jack kissed yet?

EL:  No, but you know how exciting it's going to be for the audience when we finally have that moment.

IR:  Before you get to Jack, there's Sawyer.

EL:  Of course.  Sawyer will have his turn with me first.

IR:  You sure had a hot kiss with Sawyer.

EL:  You thought it was hot?  [Laughs]  I'm really glad, because it's a nerve-wracking thing, kissing on screen.

IR:  Well, we can't wait for Kate and Jack to get involved.

EL:  It will happen.  Just wait for it -- it will happen.


I could have made some editorial comment on the last four Q&As, but I decided to be polite and just copy it verbatim.  *lol*   I expect there are other places where the Jack - Kate - Sawyer question is being discussed.  



Dec. 17th, 2004 04:56 pm (UTC)
Short and sweet: I had planned to be on vacation from Dec. 15 - Dec. 24 so Christmas stuff could get done (you know -- buying and wrapping gifts, writing Christmas cards, decorating the apartment, etc.). Well, because my boss dumped a lot of unnecessary (you didn't hear me say that lol) work on us, my real work, that has deadlines and mustbe completed before those deadlines, was delayed. So, I had to cancel my vacation to do the work that was delayed. Meanwhile my boss, who cleared off his own desk by moving things over to the desks of everyone else in the department, started his own vacation yesterday ... I am definitely not a happy camper right now, and reading/writing in LJ-land lets me feel a little subversive. *g*
Dec. 17th, 2004 05:03 pm (UTC)
Well damn, that's really unfair! And of course your boss already started his own vacation *rolls eyes* The whole thing is pretty disappointing - in particular during the season.