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A "Lost" post

If you're a Lost fan and haven't seen the two most recent issues of "TV Guide", you might find this interesting.  Anyone else should feel free to skip this post.

The following is from the Dec. 12-18 issue:

What's in a Name?So the Frenchwoman with the 16-year-long distress signal is alive and living on the island and she's named Danielle Rousseau.  Is her surname a nod to the 18th-century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau?  "That's exactly who we named her after," admits Lost cocreator Damon Lindelof.  Makes sense.  Rousseau believed in the noble savage, the idea that humans were good and equal in the state of nature but were corrupted by property, science and commerce.  Adds Lindelof, "Every single name on the show has purpose and meaning."  But of course!  Nerina Rammairone


And this is from the Dec. 19-25 issue:

Excerpts from Ileane Rudolph's interview with Matthew Fox [Lost's Dr. Jack Shepherd/Shephard]

IR:  Is Jack the character you're most like in real life?

MF:  Yeah, I think so.  I actually read for Sawyer [!!! - Karen].  I thought that would be really fun.  But J.J. [J.J. Abrams, Lost executive producer - Karen] thought I was Jack.  The interesting thing about Sawyer and Jack is that they're almost like two guys who could have been twins separated at birth.  I think at the end they will end up on the same side against a bigger opposing force.  That's just a theory, though.  I don't know anything.  [Laughs]

IR:  You're implying that Jack will become a little less noble.

MF:  Exactly.  The island's demands on him are going to gradually chip away at his black-and-white concept of the world.  To get things done, he's going to have to become a little more like Sawyer.  And I think it will be true the other way around.

IF:  If you were marooned on an island, what would you bring?

MF:  "Apocalypse Now."  The fundamental aspects of that movie are Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, and in the end, Lost will have many of those elements worked into it as well.

A lot of food for thought, n'est pas? - Karen


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