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Belated thanks

Before I let any more time get away from me, I want to give belated (but heartfelt) thanks to everyone on my flist who was in touch over the holidays.  Your cards and kind words made this Christmas very special, and I feel truly blessed with all the friendships that have bloomed and deepened this past year.  It's wonderful to have all of you in my life.  *blows kisses to flist*

Because I know some things are still in transit *refuses to think "lost"*, here's the list of people whose cards had found their way to my door as of yesterday:  Adriana, Aline, Andi, Anne ( tobyfan), Cat, Jenni, Julia, Mav, Nell, Maddie, Maggie, Rifka, Rosie.

Mouse, I can play the Sentinel DVD you burned for me.  *beams*  I'm not sure when I'll get a moment to actually sit down and watch all the episodes, but at least I know my DVD player will read them.

Rosie,  I love the book.  My French is still very much at the "OMG what did I do with the dictionary" stage, so having something with pictures helps, lol.  And the hand-lettered card is something I'll definitely be keeping.

Jenni, I don't even know where to start.  I took the package with me when my sister and I went down to see our folks Christmas Day; thought I could open it there.  And I did.  Well, the ornaments are adorable (I'll have to put up a tree next Christmas), and my mother was particularly charmed by the female Santa (?).  As for the book, though, just picture me trying to explain why a book of Russian political cartoons and adages of Vladimir Putin was something that would please me in the first place, and why was it in Russian, again?  LOL.  Seriously, though, I can't begin to guess how long it took you to translate the whole thing for me; I think my mouth dropped open when I saw that's what you'd done.  So much time and effort!  I've just dipped into it briefly so far, since work has been hellish this week, and ... other things (skittish kittens) have me worried ..., but I did notice the "On Dungeons" one.  ;-)  Oh, and btw, I have indeed heard of Chinese walls and will tell you about them at another time.  (It's a term that grew out of investment banking.)

Finally, this really doesn't have anything to do with Christmas, but Jem and Aline, guess what?  An American cable station (AMC) has picked up Hustle!  It's going to be shown on Saturday nights, starting Jan. 14th.  *twirls*

Now, I'm woefully behind on reading my flist (I haven't looked at it since Tuesday, and when I shut off the computer Tueday night I was still at skip = 120, and reading entries from Dec. 24th), but I'll get caught up as quickly as I can.  If there's anything I should have responded to but haven't, well, now you know why. 

Also, before I forget ... does everybody know that Rufus does the song that's played over the final credits for Brokeback Mountain? I didn't until I saw the film on Monday.


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