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Where did the day go?

I've been so busy commenting in other people's journals today, toiling over my latest effort forlost_in_french , and doing some actual RL work here at the office, that the day has slipped away without my seeing it go.  So, just two quick thoughts.

First, for all the cat-lovers out there, here's a bit from a recent New York Times article entitled "Good Dogs, Bad People, and Cats":

  •      "In fact, if moral values and moral outrage are results of evolution, in human beings they may have reached the level of being counterproductive, like the vast antlers that supposedly doomed the Irish elk.
  •      "Dogs could presumably evolve into the same morass.  It is, however, reserved for social animals, as Dr. de Waal points out.  Animals that evolved as solitary predators feel no moral bonds or restrictions on their behavior.
  •      "Cats, in other words, are safe.  They have no morals, which is one of the reasons so many people love them."

Second, for anyone who works in a large office with a common lunchroom, do you ever have days when each time you want a cup of coffee you find you have to make a fresh pot?  My whole week has been like that.  What is it with these people who think that by leaving a bit of liquid in the bottom of the pot they're absolved from having to start a new pot brewing?  Or the other people who shut down the coffeemaker by 10 a.m., because who's going to drink coffee after that?  Words fail me ...