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"Wilby Wonderful"

It's possible that I'm the last person on my flist to have seen this lovely little film, and I'd still be outside the club if it weren't for crazybutsound, who burned the DVD for me.  Let's see:  a Canadian film, an American viewer, and it took a French connection to put them together, lol.

I'd heard that the film was sweet (and it was), and I'd heard that Paul Gross and Callum Keith Rennie were as mouth-watering as ever (and they were; not to mention that they're not half-bad actors *g*).  What I didn't know, and what pleasantly surprised me, was that Sandra Oh was also in the movie.  I thought she was the only good thing about last year's Sideways, so it was a treat to see her here and continuing to do good work.

At this point, the people who don't know due South can quit reading, because the next bit will be meaningless.  Okay?  Everyone here who wants to be here?

Do you remember the scene in Wilby where Buddy (Paul Gross) is sitting in his patrol car and Duck (CKR) opens the passenger door and gets in the car to talk to him about a town scandal?  Did anyone besides me watch that scene and say "No, no, no, they need to change places in the car, and oh, by the way, where's Dief taken himself off to"?  LOL  I can't help it; I'm afraid that Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski are so firmly imprinted on my mind that whenever I see Paul and Callum work together, dS is what I'm going to be thinking about.  Also, is it terrible of me to wish that Sandra Oh had disappeared at the end of the film and that it had been Buddy and Duck walking off together?  And they wouldn't have even needed to go on a quest first. 



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Nov. 14th, 2005 06:56 pm (UTC)
Also, is it terrible of me to wish that Sandra Oh had disappeared at the end of the film and that it had been Buddy and Duck walking off together?

Seems like there has been some fic written along those lines. I'm very torn on that issue, however, because of enjoying the whole Duck/Dan story. More Duck & Buddy interaction would have been welcome, especially since we never really *see* them together in that scene, but more just hanging out together as friends.

It is a charming little film, though, and I'm glad of the chance to have seen it. Without my flist's CKR obession, it's one I otherwise would have likely missed.

Oh, and happy anniversary.
Nov. 16th, 2005 02:28 am (UTC)
I am so moving to Toronto. This is what happens when I'm away, I miss films! Well, okay, I can't really complain as I did happen to be in Moscow for the Moscow International Film Festival.

But somehow I am feeling all hurt-Canadian-pride (and we thought it was only a guy thing! ;)) because I hadn't even HEARD of the film, and so I thought I would suggest that you see, which you probably have but I'll suggest it anyway, Last Night, which has CKR and Sandra Oh. And is about the end of the world - how can one go wrong?

*goes and ponders her feelings of national pride in a very philisophical manner*
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