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Oh, for pity's sake.  I finally steal some time to do a post (as opposed to just commenting) and LJ eats it.  Is the universe trying to tell me something, do you think?

So.  Let's try again.

I haven't been around as much as usual because a four-letter word (begins with "w" and ends with "k", and no, the missing letters are not "a" and "n"; guess again) has been demanding most of my attention recently.  We've been having meetings.  Lots of meetings.  Three hours yesterday, two hours today, probably another three hours tomorrow, and then next week there'll be follow-up meetings to these meetings.  And so on until the end of the year, I'm afraid.  For a change, though, the meetings have actually been productive (probably because (a) my boss isn't running them, and (b) said boss isn't being allowed to multitask (taking phone calls, reading text messages on his Blackberry, etc.) while the meetings are going on).  So we manage to accomplish things, and I go back to my desk feeling energised, which is nice.

The purpose of today's post is:

1.  To apologise to crazybutsound because I still haven't posted the chili recipe I promised her.

2.  To show off the beautiful and shiny new icon that alinewrites made for me.  *points*  *loves*

3.  To tell the B/K fans on my flist that Aline also wrote an auction fic for me, which I expect you'll get to see just as soon as I find time to read it first.  Is that right, Aline?  Is it just posted for me now?  *guards fic jealously*

4.  To tell those same B/K fans who might be wondering what's taking me so long to read the story that part of the blame lies with  castalie, who's made a sudoku addict out of me.  Anyone else do the puzzles?

5.  To tell anyone who cares that I now answer to "Mlle Karen" or "Karen Eldonevna". The latter is courtesy of vlad_impaler.  (Well, he owes me something for sending me to the salt mines.  Just because I wouldn't accept that invitation to tea ....  Btw Vlad, shall I say hello to your good friend MK if I run into him here?)

6.  To show vlad_impaler that I have no hard feelings about the labour camp by telling him that the important date he was wondering about is 14 November.  At least send a card, okay?

7.  Finally, to say "Desolée" to the person who posted yesterday with comments disabled.  I'm thinking of you.

Okay, with fingers crossed I shall now click "Update Journal" and see what happens ....

ETA 1:  Sometimes I wonder why I bother with the "Rich Text" option when I write a post if I'm just going to have to go in afterwards and retype the bits that LJ has left out, I guess when it does some automatic formatting of its own (those "< /SPAN >" codes, for example). I might just as well put in the coding myself and be done with it.

ETA 2:  Well, I finally got the message about my password being too easy to guess. Has anyone actually changed their password because of this? I have a suspicious mind, and this sounds an awful lot like those "phishing" expeditions where someone asks you to provide or validate information just so they can capture it. For the moment, at least, my password is staying as is.


Oct. 28th, 2005 06:03 am (UTC)
Okay - so you feel like trying The Sentinel? I'm warning you it's not the best show around plot wise. It's basic cop show and all. What I love in TS isn't the brilliance of the plots but the character dynamic... I'm not dissing my beloved show, just being honest so that you don't feel disappointed or anything *g*

Also, if you want a little visual aid before giving me the go? You can find a pretty neat gallery here with screencaps...
Oct. 28th, 2005 09:35 am (UTC)
Sure, if you've got the time to burn the DVD(s) for me, I'm game. I followed your link and looked at the pretty pictures, but I'm also going to have to go read up on the show, I guess. Why do I think there's some mystical or supernatural element to it? And what are these "spirit guides"?
Oct. 29th, 2005 02:55 pm (UTC)
Not so much supernatural as mystical, yes. And sadly, the mysticism of the whole thing wasn't ever really developped that much in the show - though it's here, of course, spirit guides included - but they never went really far. Well, fangirls' opinions, here lol The mystical approach is certainly used in the fandom, though.

The spirit guides comes from traditional shamanism - TS deals with South American shamanism - and I'm not saying it was 100% accurate or anything, but still *g* Jim and Blair have spirit guides - like we all have if you believe in them - which are... a representation of your soul. They're entities which embody your spirit. Jim's is a panther [or jaguar, sometimes we're confused] and Blair's a wolf - which yes, when you know the characters, are fitting perfectly :-)