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Language lesson

Oh, good, I've switched my computer keyboard back from French to English, and I can write a little in my mother tongue now.

I've just posted two comments to the lost_in_french LJ, and I need to take a break before trying to think how to answer the latest question that a certain French slavedriver (lol) has posed.  (I should probably actually do some RL work, too ...).  Trying to learn French on the fly and in public is turning out to be a lot of fun, but it's exhausting as well.  Somebody needs to remind me again why I thought this was a good idea ....

The two biggest challenges so far:

  • Reading/translating into English quickly enough to stay current with the discussion (I've just started this, so I can't completely skip the translation part yet);
  • Finding the correct French words/phrases to express what I want to say.  It's easy enough to talk about concrete things (although the grammar may be shaky), but it's much harder to talk about/translate abstract concepts and to get the nuances right.  The more I try this, the greater my respect for some of the fanfic writers out there.

At least there's one definite advantage to learning a language this way -- I don't have to worry about my pronunciation!  (If I ever go to France, I'll just communicate in writing.)