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Brokeback Mountain and La faim du tigre

In the last couple of days I've seen three people on my flist (one in Poland and two in France) talking about an upcoming American film that I hadn't heard of (possibly because my weekends lately have been spent at the office instead of in movie theatres).  I'd be curious to know if any of my American flisters know about it.  The film is called Brokeback Mountain; it's based on a short story by Annie Proulx (The Shipping News), directed by Ang Lee, and with the screenplay written by Larry McMurty.  The film is scheduled for release in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco on Dec. 9th, and will go into wider release on Dec. 16th.

I picked up a copy of the book (Close Range:  Wyoming Stories) last night, and read the story today at lunch.  It's a very simple story about two young men who meet one summer, fall into a sexual relationship that lasts until their jobs (minding sheep on the high summer pastures) end, then separate for four years before meeting again.  In the interim both men marry and become fathers.  When they meet again, the sexual relationship is rekindled, and it's kept alive over the next twenty years through occasional meetings usually described to their wives as hunting or fishing trips.

It's a spare, lovely (sad) story, and while McMurty probably couldn't be bettered as someone who can bring the West to life, and Ang Lee already has a gay love story under his belt (The Wedding Banquet), I can't help being nervous.  I'll be watching to see what theatres in L.A. book the film; if it just plays at the Laemmle art house theatres that will be a good sign that the film is true to the story; if it plays at the multiplexes, maggie33,  greedy_dancer,  french_hobbit, and I (and anyone else who's reading this) will probably be disappointed.  We'll know in about three months.

Moving on, I got home last night to find an unexpected package in my mailbox. No clue as to the sender except it was someone French (I recognize how French "1"s are written, and the "Etats-Unis" in the address was a dead giveaway), and since the postage was in euros I knew it couldn't be babycakesin, lol. So, ignoring the kitty who was trying to persuade me that she was dying of hunger, I opened the package to find two packets of dragibus (like jellybeans but deliciously tart/sour), a book (a totally in French not a word of English anywhere book), and a note (thankfully in English) from Mlle Mouse (aka castalie).  *blows kisses*  The book is called La faim du tigre and was written by René Barjavel.  And, Mouse, no, not only have I never heard of him, but it doesn't appear that any of his books have been translated into English (all the Google references are in French).  So, while it's highly flattering to be thought "almost fluent" (where on earth did that idea come from :-O), I'll say now that I won't be taking this book anywhere unless my French-English dictionary comes along as well.  *G*  So, with alinewrites giving me the story of Theo and Daedrinn (danger, sex) on the one hand, and Mouse's book talking about life, love, God, the meaning of things ("Nous ne connaîtrons jamais l'odeur d'une galaxie") on the other, my French lessons are proceeding apace.  I'll think about taking up Polish later.  ;-) 


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