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Reasons to be happy

Here are five reasons I'm happy today.

(1)  There's a new episode of "Lost" tonight;

(2)  I just placed my order for "Ad Seg";

(3)  There will be new Oz fics under the Christmas tree this year (or perhaps arriving for Twelfth Night);

(4)  I read a "Gattaca" story last night, which magickslash wrote a while back.  She added some ... surprising ... new characters to film canon, and there's a lovely idea involving roses.  There's also this line:  "And while he might be able to control the minds of wolves, rats, bats, crows and moths, this really didn't do any more than provide him with unusual pets", which sounds so much like something Toby would say or think that I wondered for a moment if he had somehow wandered into the story.  (He hadn't.)  You can find the (unbetaed) story here:  http://firstsite.prettyboys.org/archives/puncturemarks.html;

(5)  On Sunday I'm flying up to San Francisco for the day to see a performance of Ligeti's opera "Le Grand Macabre" (and yes, it's that Ligeti).  The work was first performed in 1978 in Europe, but it's only now receiving its American premiere.  With lovers called "Clitoria" and "Spermando" in the cast, the opera should be interesting, to say the least.  More on this next week. 



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