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Here on a flying visit

I had to interrupt my vacation to come to work today, so I'm putting my hand up to wave "Hi" before disappearing off the radar screen again.  crazybutsound and I don't seem to be having much down time so far during her visit, so my idea of occasionally dropping by the local library to check LJ probably isn't going to happen.

Now, updates on a few things:

maggie33, I still have the book.  I'll try to get it in the post to you before Saturday.

msdaccxx, I won't have a chance to check in on your LJ today, but do you think you'll be in London before your birthday?

rosybug, my snail mail addy is coming.

babycakesin, your package is going to be late.

Thanks to catheights, who taped the first episode of Rescue Me and sent it to me so I could see Firefighter!Lee as well as hear him.  I have a brand-new television now, so I was able to get the full effect of last night's episode.  I wouldn't have missed that unmasking scene for the world.  *G*

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to desert_rifka.  Just wanted to let you know that Calabasas did you proud the other night with a great fireworks display.  You've also got packages coming.

alinewrites, I have more to tell you privately, but yes, I finally gave up on the housecleaning and went to bed about an hour after you called last Saturday.  Of course, I was up again three hours later (5:00 a.m.) and didn't stop working until it was time to go to LAX to pick up Jem.  My place right now has what she's charitably calling a "comfortable, lived-in look", which basically means that the clutter is getting a little more organized.  Maybe by October I'll actually feel that the place is ready for guests.  She's taken some pictures, so you'll be able to judge the progress for yourself, lol! 

Okay, work now!

*waves goodbye to flist again*


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