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Crossing One Thing Off My "To Do" List

greedy_dancer and crazybutsound asked for this so long ago that they've probably forgotten all about it by now.  Still, here (finally) are my answers to the "5 films meme":

1.  Total number of films I own on DVD/video:

  • 156 films (147 DVD, 9 VHS)
  • 21 TV series boxed sets (DVD)

2.  The last film I bought:

  • Enduring Love.  This is a film version of British author Ian McEwan's novel of the same name.  The title is a play on words, with "enduring" used both as an adjective (lasting, permanent) and as a verb (putting up with/suffering through something)

3.  The last film I watched:

  • In theatres:  Mysterious Skin, which one person on my flist very rightly described as "harrowing".  Good luck finding this one if you don't live in a major city.
  • On DVD:  The Hunger.  This one's a guilty pleasure -- Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie as vampires on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

4.  Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

  • Ran (1985: Akira Kurosawa)
  • Blade Runner (1982; Ridley Scott)
  • Silent Running (1972; Douglas Trumbull)
  • La Mort en direct (1980; Bertrand Tavernier) -- Released in the U.S. as Deathwatch
  • All the President's Men (1976: Alan J. Pakula)

All the President's Men is the odd one out in this group.  It's based on real events that I lived through (and how timely is this post since Deep Throat's identity was finally revealed yesterday), it's a gripping story, and it's got excellent acting.  When the film was released I think I went to see it every night for a week or more.

Trying to put into words what made me choose the other four films has proved nearly impossible.  I can only say that Ran would probably get my vote as the greatest and possibly most beautiful film ever made; that Ridley Scott's vision of Los Angeles in Blade Runner still amazes while Harrison Ford's Deckard is outshone by Rutger Hauer's Roy Batty, who breaks your heart; that Silent Running, which is essentially a one-actor movie, always makes me cry (and how much of that is the story and how much Joan Baez on the soundtrack I can't say); that Deathwatch, like Blade Runner and Silent Running is oddly about sacrifice and redemption.  So, if you're curious, check the films out.  Deathwatch is the only one I've never been able to find on DVD or video; I saw the film in a theatre 25 years ago, and it's haunted me ever since. 

And now, if they'd like to play and haven't already done this, I'll tag msdaccxx, maaaaa, castalie, rosybug, and magickslash.


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