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A Ballet Question for my Flist

Saw Matthew Bourne's ballet "Play Without Words" on Saturday.  Hottest and sexiest thing he's done since "Swan Lake" (also more explicitly sexual); I wanted to kick myself for waiting until the end of its Los Angeles run to see it, because I'd have gone at least once more if I'd had the chance.  I hear it opens in Russia in July (maggie33, what are your vacation plans this summer?)

So, flist, please leave me a comment if you like Matthew Bourne's ballets.  And if any of you have seen "Play Without Words," tell me if you liked the score.  (I have my reasons for asking ....)

Also, FYI for Matthew Bourne fans:  His "Swan Lake" will be playing in Los Angeles again next March. Just in case anyone is planning a visit. 


Jun. 2nd, 2005 10:47 am (UTC)
For the under-priviledged who are far away , can you tell us a little more about 'Play without Words', plot-wise, score-wise?

I'll be paying attention to see if it's filmed and shown here on TV, like 'Swan Lake'.