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Hooray for independent bookstores!

I promised maggie33 I'd send her a copy of Gavin Maxwell's book Ring of Bright Water (if you saw Maggie's recent post with the otter pic you'll get the connection).  So, last night I walked across the street to my local Barnes & Noble bookseller, only to be told they didn't have the book and it wasn't available for order in their system.  Today I called Borders (another big chain) -- same result.  Finally I tried one of the few remaining independent bookstores in my area -- and was told No, they didn't have it in stock, but certainly they could order it for me.  (And in case anyone wonders why I just didn't go to Amazon.com in the first place, I have to admit that if there's an alternative to giving out a credit card number online, I'll always go with the alternative method.)

So, booklovers on my flist, please support your local independent bookstores.  The world would be a poorer place without them.

And, Maggie, the book will be coming.  :-)


May. 25th, 2005 01:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you, hon
You're the best. And the answer to your mail is coming soon, I promise. Just been so damn busy since Monday. *tired sigh*