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Modern-day Nero

So what do you remember from the Ancient Rome part of your world history class all those years ago? Antony and Cleopatra? Julius Caesar and Brutus? Nero fiddling away while Rome burned?

Emperor Trump has traded the fiddle for a set of golf clubs, but it's the same thing. We've got a Category 4 (Cat 5 until this morning) hurricane bearing down on the southeastern seaboard from Florida to the Carolinas, and he thinks the way to spend the Labor Day holiday is by playing a round of golf. It's telling, though, that he's not at one of his Florida courses, but safely out of range in Virginia. But wouldn't you think that he'd want to see what a formerly Cat 5 hurricane is like, since he said he didn't think he'd ever heard of such a thing.... Newsflash -- there have been four since he took office. And a few years ago there was that little thing called Katrina....
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