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Thank you, Rosie!

There was a package fromfrench_hobbit waiting in my mailbox last night, along with assorted bills and advertising circulars.  Does anyone need more than one guess at what I opened first?  *g*   Inside I found some bookmarks (a couple of them already put to use), and a lovely CD of music by Ravel -- the two piano concerti and "Le Tombeau de Couperin".  Such an unexpected and wonderful surprise!

Now, Rosie, just so you know, I'm putting something in the post to you today.  The plan is for it to arrive before the 17th, but in case it's delayed, you'll at least know that it's on the way.  Oh, and there are a couple of things included that may help you with that carrot cake recipe.  ;-)

Another new icon today, based on the television show Carnivàle and created by justspies.  A perfect mood piece for the show.  (And wouldn't it also make a great cover for Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes?)</span>


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