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Stupid Steve

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Donald Trump or his administration, although until now I've mostly kept my thoughts about the Cabinet appointees to myself. But when idiocy reaches a certain level, it's necessary to say something.

Not to be confused with Sloppy Steve, aka Stephen Bannon, Stupid Steve is how I'll be thinking of our Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (hmmm, add a letter and switch things around a bit and you have "munchkin"...), which may or may not be my mind going off on a tangent. Anyway, you remember Mnuchin. He's the one who decided he had to take his actress wife Louise to inspect the gold in Fort Knox, and remarkable coincidence, they made that trip at taxpayer expense on Total Eclipse of the Sun Day, with Fort Knox conveniently in the path of totality. And then there was that photo of Steven and Louise with a sheet of freshly minted currency, all the bills bearing his signature. Nothing especially noteworthy about that, apart from the fact that Louise was apparently wearing opera-length gloves as she delicately held a corner of the sheet of bills. So yes, that Steve.

Now we learn that Steve M. seems to think you'd be looking for the global elite in the wrong place if you think they'll be at the World Economic Forum in Davos later this month. Not at all! Davos will be filled with average Joes (you know -- the everyday people who spend $70,000 for a conference ticket and then helicopter in to hang out with A-list celebrities and the odd world leader).

Yeah, right. Stupid, Steve.