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Arafat obituary

If you don't normally read The New York Times, you might want to take a look at today's edition.  There's a full 2-page obituary of Arafat; it also serves as a good summary of the history of the PLO.  I know there's been a little LJ dialogue on Arafat so far, but I haven't had a chance yet to really follow the debate closely.  I do wonder, though, the extent to which one's national origin is going to colour opinion.  If the conversation is going to continue, perhaps I can join in this weekend, or on Monday.  I do think fandom is wonderful, but sometimes, whether we like it or not, world events simply trump everything else.  (Just a personal opinion here; feel free to agree or disagree as you choose.)

On another topic, for some reason, some of my comments have been posting twice.  I have no idea why that's happening. 


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