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Birthday Wishes

Wishing rosybug a very very  HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Sunday, with all the cake and ice cream and presents you can handle!  I'm absolutely delighted to have met you, and I'm looking forward to more good conversations (not to mention that 29,000-word story you've promised to post).  Have a spectacular day! 


Apr. 24th, 2005 12:16 pm (UTC)
That was a surprise! I was browsing through my friends' entries and suddenly a huge purple "Happy Birthday" jumped out and it was addressed to me!!!! I feel quite dazzled!

My birthday was fun - a list of comestibles will follow in my journal. And none of them baked by me!! I got lots of really pretty presents this year and fun ones too. And had a chance to spend time with my friends and treating them to all sorts of confectionery. I am wondering what other festivities lie in wait, however, because some couldn't make the day and have promised future revels... :)

I'm looking forward to more good conversations Me too! It's really nice to "meet" people who share one's interests! I've actually thought of a couple more tweaks for the story, but I'll be strict with myself once Dori sends it back, so that it gets onto Unit B!