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Can we have a do-over of section 4 of this post?

First, merci bcp to alinewrites and castalie for the cards which landed in my mailbox yesterday.  Ladies, keep your French nice and simple like this for a while longer, and you'll do wonders for my self-confidence.  It also helps that both of you have legible handwriting (although, Aline, it took me a while to figure out that the mysterious letter starting the phrase "_ont les yeux doux" was an "f"; I thought it was an "s" at first, and was scratching my head trying to figure out what you were saying, lol.)  And les petits chats are absolutely adorable.  As for you, Mouse, I'm going to assume that "coucou" has the meaning of "peekaboo", and that you weren't calling me a cuckoo, a cowslip, or an old airplane.  Of course, having already been called a chou, I'm not taking anything for granted.  ;-)


I haven't forgotten that I owe feedback on the fics that were written for me as birthday gifts.  The fb on "MLAAFC" is still being drafted, and as for the lovely little prequel to "Head Over Heels" from rileyc, well for now let me just say that if Rebecca could get the boys to start ordering in (Chinese or pizza always works), then maybe they'd get to the bedroom a whole lot sooner, lol!


A post about the book meme is still coming.  The books were (1) Speaker for the Dead (Orson Scott Card), (2) The Quiet American (Graham Greene), (3) The Portrait of a Lady (Henry James), (4) The Honourable Schoolboy (John Le Carré), and (5) The Secret History (Donna Tartt).  More about why I like them to follow later.


Finally, news of the day and this day in history.  The big story on the radio this morning was the 10th anniversary of the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  Tomorrow's story will be the election of the new pope.  A lot of lapsed Catholics (myself included) have been talking about the election recently and speculating on whether we might see the Church take a step or two forward on issues like homosexuality and birth control.  I have a feeling that door was slammed shut with Cardinal Ratzinger's elevation.  Anyone think otherwise?

P.S.: I've changed my default icon this week to showcase another one of crazybutsound's creations.


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