Karen (aswanargent) wrote,

We could all just move to Canada ... or there's outer space

Tavi and Fou -- Glad I can take my mind off the miserable U.S. election for a day or two and begin to anticipate the new Brexit twists and turns that are sure to follow today's court decision. ("You're ready in invoke Article 50, Prime Minister? Not so fast....") I'll also have to start looking at the daily Financial Times again -- perhaps the person who wrote that "Waiting for BoJo" piece will be inspired to do a follow-up now that Parliament's been thrown into the mix.

We seem to have strayed into the Slough of Despond....

Edited: Fou, remember that photo of the bottles? Has your and Banker's "the Government lost in court!" celebration made any kind of dent in your cellar?
Tags: politics

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