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This will go over well in Brussels....

If you haven't been following Brexit closely, David Davis is the new Brexit secretary (officially secretary of state for leaving the EU). The following is taken from a piece I saw today on bbc.com:

In a Sun article, Mr Davis repeated comments made just before his appointment about how the UK should approach its departure from the EU.

Key to the negotiations will be access to the European single market, which EU leaders have said is conditional on accepting the free movement of people.

Mr Davis said the "ideal outcome" would be "continued tariff-free access" to the EU single market, adding: "Once the European nations realise we will not budge on control of our borders, they will want to talk, in their own interests.

"But what if they are irrational, as so many Remain-supporting commentators asserted they would be in the run-up to the referendum?

"This is one of the reasons for taking a little time before triggering Article 50. The negotiating strategy has to be properly designed, with serious consultation."

Who needs a negotiating strategy, when you've basically told the other side that they're to give you everything you want, with no strings attached, or they're being irrational? Couldn't he have used the word "stubborn" and have left it at that? That would at least hold out the hope of movement rather than trench warfare.

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