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What, What, WHAT???

Okay, I'm more or less just talking to a couple of people in this post, as there doesn't seem to be that much interest in the U.K. situation on the part of most of the people on my flist. So apologies in advance for any cryptic references. If anyone wants an explanation, just ask.

When I went to bed last night it was going to be a contest between Theresa May and Boris Johnson to succeed David Cameron, with possibly another one or two people throwing their hats in the ring. Now Johnson's out and Michael Gove ("I don't want to be Prime Minister. I'm not equipped to be Prime Minister.") is in?!? No offense meant, Tavi, but Gove is turning out to have quite a deft hand with the stiletto. First Cameron, and now Johnson. And is DR seeing himself as Gove's natural successor at Petty France?

Even the U.S. election (for me at least) is taking a back seat to what's going on in London right now.... And Trump is being blessedly silent for once.

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