January 8th, 2018

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About that book

Wolff's book sold out everywhere immediately. Apparently people were lining up at midnight waiting for bookstores to open so they could get a copy. Shades of Harry Potter release parties!

The bookstores are not only sold out, but the warehouses are empty as well. The publisher is already doing a second printing, which will probably also go quickly if my local bookstore, with its waiting list of 300 people is anything to go by. I was advised to wait a couple of weeks if I want to get my hands on a physical book, or to go ahead and just buy it as an ebook.

I could add a tagline to my icon and say "and they're all reading Fire and Fury".

Great interview/duel over the weekend between CNN's Jake Tapper and the White House's Stephen Miller. Voices were raised and blood was drawn. The interview is out there on YouTube if you want to see it.
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