January 4th, 2018

9/11 Tribute 1

Comparing buttons

According to a cartoon in today's Financial Times, neither Donald Trump nor Kim Jong Un possesses the biggest nuclear button. That one belongs to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. :-)
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Every book in the world quote

The book that's going to be on many, many bedside tables, including mine

Donald Trump and his lawyers are delusional if they think that issuing a cease-and-desist order to keep Michael Wolff's book Fire and Fury out of bookstores and out of people's hands is going to do anything except increase the demand. Sort of like pouring liquid on a fire to douse it, and then discovering the liquid was gasoline....

The release date has been advanced from next Tuesday to tomorrow morning; I'm hoping my local bookseller isn't sold out by the time I can stop in after work.

Anyone want a copy? foudebassan? jenni_snake? Tavi?
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