June 11th, 2017

Ender quote 2: "Mandate of heaven"

Does May really think this is a good idea?

Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said on the Andrew Marr show he believed the Conservative Party and the DUP will be able to hold together in government. "They (the DUP) are going to support us on the big Brexit, economic and security issues facing this country," he said.

I can just imagine what the DUP is going to want in return, given that I've seen them compared to the U.S. religious right.... From my vantage point, this partnership smacks of doing a deal with the devil and thinking you'll be in control.

Prediction: May is out of Downing Street before Trump is out of the White Hiuse.
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dS Fraser and RayK


At least one country's voters appear sane!

foudebassan, let Banker work on the mansion today. You should open a bottle of champagne and celebrate.
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