May 17th, 2017

HP "Fiasco" quote

About that state visit, revisited

Back in March I said that Theresa May was probably regretting her somewhat hasty invitation to Donald Trump to pay a state visit to the U.K. this summer.

Given everything that's happened in the Trump White House just in the past ten days, I fully expect the shades to be drawn at Number 10, Larry the cat tucked safely away indoors, and all signs of life on Downing Street absent when/if Trump actually comes calling.

Perhaps a "beautiful" piece of chocolate cake with two scoops of ice cream could be substituted for a meeting with Queen Elizabeth....
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9/11 Tribute 1

The "I" word

First official call today, as reported by CNN:

Washington (CNN) — Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump Wednesday morning, the first member of Congress to officially request leveling charges against the President from the House floor.

"This is about my position. This is about what I believe. And this is where I stand. I will not be moved. The President must be impeached," Green said on the floor. "For those who do not know, impeachment does not mean that the President would be found guilty. It simply means that the House of Representatives will bring charges against the President. It's similar to an indictment but not quite the same thing."


Whether or not anything eventually comes of this, it's now a matter of public record and will be published in the Congressional Record.

And on the other side of the story, you have a Republican senator from Idaho defending Trump for his intelligence disclosures to Lavrov and Kislyak (Russian ambassador to the U.S.), and calling the people who leaked the story traitors.... (For my non-U.S. friends, for a long time Idaho has been known as a home for white separatists/white survivalists, so the senator's opinion is, depressingly, not that surpising.)
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