July 6th, 2016

Ender quote 2: "Mandate of heaven"

Well, it's a change from Brexit

After almost two weeks of turmoil following the EU Referendum, Britain must be heaving a sigh of relief to have today's news filled with the Chilcot report.[/sarcasm] And I'm enough of a cynic to believe that the choice of release date (Dubya's birthday) can't have been an accident. Someone is wearing a little secret smile about that.
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In a leaky boat, bailing furiously

And finally ... a post not about politics. (Don't get too excited, as it's probably just a fluke.)

A few years ago I was introduced (I think by crazybutsound) to LibraryThing, and I've been sporadically recording my books there ever since. According to the LibraryThing statistics, I have a total of 1,870 books in all my collections, including 623 books in the collection called "Donated Books". More books are still to be recorded, and more books are still to be given away. The frightening thing (and the meaning of the subject line of this post), is that despite having moved over 600 books out the front door, there are still piles and piles of books which have never known the feeling of standing upright and proud, spines facing out, on a bookshelf. In fact, the piles on the floor and on most of the flat surfaces (except bookshelves) seem to be growing rather than shrinking. Can I possibly be buying books faster than I'm giving them away.... Apparently yes. :-(

Here's the userpic for my LibraryThing account (I'm miles_and_flora over there, and a gold star to the first person who correctly identifies that without googling):

src="https://pics.librarything.com/picsizes/52/09/52093af432243b563755a664151434341454541.jpg" alt="" width="900" />

By the way, that userpic is not a photo of my bookshelves, but it very well could be!
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