January 4th, 2013


2012 Movies

A short list again this year. 

  1. A Separation
  2. The Iron Lady
  3. The Deep Blue Sea
  4. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
  5. First Position  (Documentary)
  6. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  7. Polisse
  8. Prometheus
  9. The Queen of Versailles  (Documentary)
  10. The Dark Knight Rises
  11. The Imposter  (Documentary)
  12. The Bourne Legacy
  13. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  14. Argo

The film I enjoyed the most was Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (followed closely by The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel).  Best documentary was First Position.  The greatest disappointment was The Hobbit.

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2012 Books Read

A first this year -- two books started but not completed.  One nonfiction book because I just found it tedious, and one novel because I couldn't find anything to like about it.  Almost all of the books listed below started life on my bookshelves (or in one case my Kindle), but many of them have now been sent out into the world, either because I couldn't imagine reading them again, or because I knew that if, unlikely as it might be, I ever wanted to reread them, I could find them at the library.


  1. Herbert, James.  The Secret of Crickley Hall.
  2. Ishiguro, Kazuo.  When We Were Orphans.
  3. Mortimer, John.  Paradise Postponed.
  4. Jackson, Shirley.  The Lottery and Other Stories.
  5. King, Stephen.  Under the Dome.
  6. George, Elizabeth.  Believing the Lie.
  7. Godwin, Gail.  A Mother and Two Daughters.
  8. Rendell, Ruth.  The Rottweiler.
  9. Smith, Alexander, McCall.  The Forgotten Affairs of Youth.
  10. Glass, Julia.  The Widower's Tale.
  11. Straub, Peter.  The Hellfire Club.
  12. Deighton, Len.  SS-GB.
  13. Bram, Christopher.  Gossip.
  14. French, Marilyn.  Her Mother's Daughter.
  15. Simenon, Georges.  The Train.
  16. Glass, Julia.  Three Junes.
  17. O'Brien, Tim.  The Things They Carried.
  18. Francis, Dick.  Straight.
  19. Chevalier, Tracy.  The Virgin Blue.
  20. Atwood, Margaret.  Bluebeard's Egg.
  21. Davidson, Diane Mott.  Dying for Chocolate.
  22. Williams, Amanda Kyle.  The Stranger You Seek.
  23. Reidinger, Paul.  Good Boys.
  24. King, Stephen.  Nightmares and Dreamscapes.
  25. Ellis, Bret Easton.  Glamorama.
  26. Frazier, Charles.  Cold Mountain.
  27. Godwin, Gail.  Mr. Bedford and the Muses.
  28. Krauss, Nicole.  The History of Love.
  29. Verdon, John.  Shut Your Eyes Tight.
  30. Raphael, Lev.  Winter Eyes.
  31. Atwood, Margaret.  Lady Oracle.
  32. Rice, Anne.  The Witching Hour.

Non-Fiction / Memoirs:

  1. Peters, Margot.  May Sarton: Biography.
  2. Carroll, James.  Crusade: Chronicles of an Unjust War.
  3. Stephens, Deborah Collins et alThis is Not the Life I Ordered.
  4. Bell, Madison Smartt.  Charm City.
  5. Cheek, Lawrence W.  Santa Fe.
  6. Watson, Tom and Martin Hickman.  Dial M for Murdoch.
  7. Klinkenborg, Verlyn.  The Rural Life.
  8. Taleb, Nassim Nicholas.  The Black Swan (2nd edition).
  9. Dirda, Michael.  Book by Book.
  10. Brown, Rebecca.  The Gifts of the Body.
  11. Samuelsson, Marcus.  Yes, Chef: A Memoir.
  12. Winston, Stephanie.  The Organized Executive.

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