August 21st, 2008

Ferocious Ness

Karen and Tavi's Scotland Travel Adventures Chapter 07: Loch Ness

Welcome again to the very very belated update of our Travel Adventures. It's taken us almost a month to the day for this chapter to be written. Karen has returned back to labouring in the US, while Tavi is travelling around Madrid and Moraira. The travel diary won't be as fast as it used to be, but neither should there be such a delay as there was for this chapter. We hope to have Chapter 8 posted within a week's time, and then perhaps two chapters a week.

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Chapter Six:Dunnottar Woods: hidden gorges, witches, secret shell houses...and not so hidden fungi...

Chapter Seven: Out on the Lochs:

Karen: After several days spent exploring the North Sea coastal towns of Stonehaven and St. Andrews, we turned our attention inland. Our first trip took us north and west to Inverness, the launching point (literally and figuratively) for explorations of what is perhaps Scotland's most famous and largest body of fresh water - Loch Ness. We had our cameras at the ready in case the monster decided to put in an appearance, but while Nessie didn't cooperate, the trip was anything but uneventful, especially for Tavi.

Tavi: For anyone planning on sailing on the Loch, the warning "from beneath you it devours" comes to mind, although it was definitely from above us this time...

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