July 27th, 2007

HP PLatform 9 3/4

Harry Potter overdose

Up until this month, my pattern for Harry Potter was to read each novel just slightly in advance of its film release date, which meant basically watching the story unfold in real time; one book a year.  So I read Order of the Phoenix (first time) in May, saw the film two weeks ago, and wouldn't normally have taken Half-Blood Prince down from the shelf until early autumn 2008,  Deathly Hallows wouldn't have been read until 2009.  But, of course, all that had to change if I didn't want to be spoiled for the details about how the story was going to work itself out.  *sigh*  So OotP was read in May, the film was seen on July 14th, HBP was started on July 15th and finished on July 18th, and DH was started on July 21 and finished two nights ago.  And now I feel stuffed and bloated the way you do when you've overindulged in sweets at Christmastime.

I need to read something very different now, I think.
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