February 5th, 2007

Birthday cake

Birthday greetings

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, crazybutsound!

Hope it's been a wonderful day, Jem.  There's a card on its way to you, but it might not arrive before you leave on your trip.  If it's not there when you get back, be sure and let me know.
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Political slash anim

Political slash-related messages

jenni_snake:  I've sent in the membership application for aswanargent.  When it's been approved, go ahead and give maintainer status to that account.  (Tavi confirmed your suspicion; you can't make someone a maintainer unless they're also a member of the communtiy.)

virginia_bell:  Thanks for letting Nicolas and Dominique come fight play in your lj.  Don't be surprised if it happens again.  They both love an audience.   ;-)
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