December 8th, 2006

Swan rampant

I'll be counting boozy foxhounds tonight, not sheep

Ciara, this article from today's New York Times is especially for you (but other people will enjoy it as well).  Do the tweedy types at the Kennel Club know that foxhounds have a fondness for anisette, I wonder?  How about your Big Book of Dogs?

And have we caught the Times out in an error, referring as they do to "red coats" and not "pink coats"???  Of course it could also be that here in the Colonies if you say "pink coats" before anyone other than a hunting audience, people would picture, well, pink coats and not the colour that's really meant.  Anyway, take a look at the article.  I think you'll be amused.  :-)

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Christmas - Wreath

Message for looneyluna

After reading about the attack of the DVD boxed sets, I started thinking that a change in your work wardrobe might be in order. How about a chic and stylish hard hat, as modelled below by the chic and stylish French Prime Minister? The original of the photo, as well as some others, can be found sprinkled throughout a serious economics post here:

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