October 16th, 2006

Japanese art - Cat and bug

I already don't want to be at work and I'm not even there yet

7:30 a.m. Monday morning and I'm on the commuter bus on the Hollywood Freeway heading downtown toward my office.  Haven't thought about the place in a week, as last week was a Monday holiday followed by four vacation days.  Truth be told, would rather not be thinking of the place now, but that's not really an option (I've gotten accustomed to eating and having hot water and money to pay the wireless bill).  Just don't expect me to be productive today..

Discovery of the week:  Editing a two-character scene that's been written tag-team style via MSN, Google chat, and e-mail isn't nearly as fun as writing it.  Cleaning up the formatting and making it consistent is headache-inducing.

Question of the day:  How will it be possible to write a three-character scene (one writer for each character) without access to MSN?  Google chat doesn't appear to allow more than two people in a conversation.  And since the scene will be a therapy session (read 90% dialogue) with three participants, we all have to be there alternating comments as the characters talk to each other.  Ideas, anyone?

Downtown now and almost at my stop, so must close.  Ciao!
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