August 21st, 2006

Spiritwalk (Nrthn Lts) Charles de Lint

A couple of really simple questions for my flist

Question #1:  Who out there likes word games?

Question #2: For those who answered Question #1 affirmatively, would any of you like to occasionally get together for a game of Scrabble or Literati?

I ask because my regular Literati opponent, jenni_snake ,will be going to France soon and so will be nine time zones away instead of just one.  I foresee this wreaking havoc on our nightly (or almost-nightly) games, and since she'll be away through next April, I'll need to find someone new to play with once in a while.  It would be much nicer to play with someone I know than to play with a stranger.  So, flist, think about it and let me know.  :-)
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