July 26th, 2006

Gattaca quote "A year"

I'm around ...

Just very busy getting readiy for our department's move to (finally!) our permanent location.  This makes the third move in 15 months, and it's really getting old.  I just want to go somewhere and know we'll be staying for more than a few months.  Jem and Jen, you've both seen the boxes and the clutter (at the office; home is another story); I want it over and done with and neat and organised.  So with the sorting and the packing I haven't done much more on LJ than skim my friends page, and I've let posts go commentless not for lack of interest or having nothing to say, but simply for lack of time.

(Tavi, there'll be a comment coming on the Nicolas post later.  In the meantime, go back and reread the article about the book; did you notice this mistake; "In one passage he attacks the First Employment Contract, or CPE, a youth employment plan masterminded by Villepin and supported by Chirac before two months of street protests forced them to scrap it last year.")

One last thing.  I'd like to introduce two people on my friends list to each other.  maddiec24 and luvmax1, I think you guys might have a lot to talk to each other about right now.
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