March 13th, 2006

Ender quote 3: "Survive"

Remembering John Profumo

The first time I remember reading the newspaper for the news and not just the comics was when I was 12.  There was a scandal going on in Britain involving a government minister, a teenage girl, and a Russian attaché at the Soviet embassy.  It was a big enough story that it even made headlines in the major American papers; in today's much more jaded world it probably wouldn't have gotten more than a passing mention here.  Back then, though, I was young and impressionable, and I found the whole thing quite fascinating.  The Russian's name never stayed with me, but John Profumo, Christine Keeler, Mandy Rice-Davies ... hearing or seeing any one of those names over the years always put me back at a moment in time just as sharply as the mention of the JFK assassination does.  So when I saw Profumo's obituary in the Financial Times this weekend, it was an odd feeling.

For the people on my flist who are old enough (or interested enough) to know about the Profumo Affair, I've put the FT obituary behind the cut.

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