February 27th, 2006

Carnivàle 2

Deadlines and pointless interruptions are ugly things

*raises hand in air and waves feebly to flist*

Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and around, and should be able to start posting again later this week after (1) my annual data submission to the Federal Reserve gets sent off (tomorrow), and (2) the banking regulators who are currently finishing up their CRA examination of the bank stop calling / e-mailing me with questions about our branch locations.  Seriously, they should know by now that if the information they received from me at the start of the exam doesn't agree with the information maintained by another government agency (in this case the FDIC), they should use my data and be done with it.  My data is correct.  Yes.  It is.  And I demonstrated it to them this morning, didn't I?  It's just that researching what the FDIC appears to have done (in one case failing to note a branch relocation that took place in 2001, in the other case continuing to show a branch location that's been out of date since the bank we acquired in 2000 acquired, sometime in the late 90s, the bank that had its office there) took time that I could have spent in more productive ways.   

*feels better after venting*

The other reason I'm posting now is to introduce everyone to my sister, who has finally succmbed to the siren song of LJ and set up a journal of her own.  She's lark_about.

Okay, back to work now.  Ta ta!

*wonders who'll be the first to identify the source of my goodbye*

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