January 28th, 2006

2 Fashion - white dress (Vogue)

It's still Christmas!

alinewrites sent me a package filled with Christmas goodies from her and from morgared. It arrived yesterday, and was a lovely surprise. So I'm here in the office today, ostensibly working, but really catching up with my flist, listening to French music (merci, Anne!), and eating delicious French chocolate (merci, Aline!). In my tote bag (saved to enjoy on the bus trip home) I have a picture book of Provence (also from Aline).

Also (because I don't think I've done it yet), more thanks to Aline for the lovely New Year's card and bookmark. If I ever get caught up with all the back issues of magazines that are gathering dust at home I can start attacking my "Books To Be Read" pile (yes, Ciara, that's where The Third Policeman still resides).

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