December 9th, 2005

Swan rampant

GOF Minority Report

I'd hoped to post this earlier this week, but no such luck.  Still, better late then never, and at least it comes in before everyone's attention switches to Brokeback Mountain ... which opens here in L.A. today, and which I'll see tomorrow ....

Okay, back to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Do NOT look behind the cut if:

  1. You plan to see the film and don't want spoilers.
  2. You've seen the film, loved it, and want to keep that happy feeling.

Everyone else can go

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Calm blue ocean

Shades of grey and GIP

I have to spend most of today doing non-computer related work away from my desk, which means I won't be able to check in on LJ very often.  But, quickly ...

Someone asked me the other day if I think that the ability to see shades of grey is related to age.  My answer is "Yes, absolutely".  And I could do a whole long post or e-mail on the subject, but not today.

Other pending items:  Feedback to Jenni on all sorts of things.  Feedback to Tavi on her nightmares, and comments on her feedback to me.  Newspaper articles to transcribe ... anybody read about Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize acceptance speech?  The New York Times reported on it yesterday; that's one that I think is worth sharing.  Also yesterday, a front page Arts Section article about Peter Doherty (don't laugh, people, but to have the NY Times take this kind of interest in him is nothing short of amazing).  I'll see what I can do over the weekend (around Christmas shopping, addressing Christmas cards, going to see Brokeback Mountain, and doing my regular volunteer shift at the Getty).

Finally, for those really horrible days that we all have from time to time ... a new icon from jenni_snake.  *points*

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