November 16th, 2005

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New LJ -- Take 2

Oh for pity's sake.  I did this post two days ago, and I've been wondering why there was no response.  Well, I've finally caught up to the post in reading my flist, and see it's marked "Private" instead of "Public".  Could be that's the problem right there.  So, we'll try it again.  I'm replicating the original post here instead of opening up the old one so it will appear near the top of everyone's flist.

Original post (dated 14 November 2005):

Hi!  This news will probably only be of interest to a couple of people on my flist, but because castalie asked me to tell her when it happened, I'm doing a public post.

I have a new LJ up and running, with the first post already made.  It's a character LJ designed for the worldaffairs RPG.  You can find it here:  iam_angelam.  Anyone who feels like friending the journal is encouraged to do so.  :-)

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