November 14th, 2005

Swan rampant

"Wilby Wonderful"

It's possible that I'm the last person on my flist to have seen this lovely little film, and I'd still be outside the club if it weren't for crazybutsound, who burned the DVD for me.  Let's see:  a Canadian film, an American viewer, and it took a French connection to put them together, lol.

I'd heard that the film was sweet (and it was), and I'd heard that Paul Gross and Callum Keith Rennie were as mouth-watering as ever (and they were; not to mention that they're not half-bad actors *g*).  What I didn't know, and what pleasantly surprised me, was that Sandra Oh was also in the movie.  I thought she was the only good thing about last year's Sideways, so it was a treat to see her here and continuing to do good work.

At this point, the people who don't know due South can quit reading, because the next bit will be meaningless.  Okay?  Everyone here who wants to be here?

Do you remember the scene in Wilby where Buddy (Paul Gross) is sitting in his patrol car and Duck (CKR) opens the passenger door and gets in the car to talk to him about a town scandal?  Did anyone besides me watch that scene and say "No, no, no, they need to change places in the car, and oh, by the way, where's Dief taken himself off to"?  LOL  I can't help it; I'm afraid that Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski are so firmly imprinted on my mind that whenever I see Paul and Callum work together, dS is what I'm going to be thinking about.  Also, is it terrible of me to wish that Sandra Oh had disappeared at the end of the film and that it had been Buddy and Duck walking off together?  And they wouldn't have even needed to go on a quest first. 


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Narnia (Reepicheep)


Somehow, without my seeing it happen, an entire year has passed since I made my first LJ post.  I hit the one-year mark earlier this month, in fact, but the date slipped by me (as did my parents' 61st wedding anniversary, which they celebrated two days later).  If my sister happens to read this post, she can confirm that I'm someone who always remembers to send cards (holiday cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, get-well cards, sympathy cards ... you name an occasion and I probably have an appropriate card tucked away in my desk).  So, for me to not only forget to send an anniversary card to my folks, but to even forget the date ... well, something about this year is clearly different than last.

The biggest thing that's happened in my life between November 2004 and November 2005 is LJ.  Sure, there's more pressure at work this autumn since my whole department is preparing for a visit by the banking regulators in two months, but I can't really blame the forgotten parental anniversary on that.  In fact, to be brutally honest, I'm actually spending less of my work day on work now than I used to.  Somewhat unfocused, you suggest?  Well, yes, there's no other word for it.  Nope, it all comes down to LJ.  And I have no complaints at all.

Thanks to LJ, I've become friends with a whole host of clever, funny, generous, impassioned, snarky, talented, thoughtful, witty, wonderful people living all over the world.  Thanks to them, I've:

  • Enjoyed good conversation (real and online);
  • Been introduced to new and exotic foods (Tim Tams!, Dragibus!);
  • Added the works of previously-unknown authors to my already-crowded bookshelves (René Barjavel, Flann O'Brien, David Sedaris);
  • Started to learn about French popular music, and gotten pointers on the British music scene;
  • Been introduced to a couple of foreign-language films new to me (which, regrettably, I'm still trying to play)  *time out to rant about the PAL vs NTSC problem*;
  • Had the fannish addiction which brought me to LJ in the first place (Oz) nurtured by all the wonderful stories that have been and continue to be written by many of the people on my flist;
  • Fallen head over heels in love with a new fandom involving a Mountie, a wolf, and two men called Ray;
  • Been coaxed with talk (and fic) into agreeing to try still another fandom (Blakes7) which, for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, is still waiting in the wings;
  • Been introduced to some brilliant original fic (and if you haven't read manna's "The Administration" series, or  alinewrites's "My American Friend" and "Le Sauveur" you don't know what you're missing, and while you're at it you should also read Aline's "My Life as a Foreign Country," which is going to bleed into "My American Friend");
  • Met  one LJ friend in person when she came to visit this past summer, and have hopes of meeting at least two more before my next LJ anniversary rolls around;
  • Finally found a purpose for all the reading I do in the areas of international news and politics (*waves to Tavi and Jenni*)

So, whether you're reading this in Australia, Brazil, England, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Scotland, South Africa, Ukraine, or the U.S. (and if I've forgotten anyone, please let me know), I just want to thank you for making my life so rich.

*hugs and kisses to you all*