November 7th, 2005

9/11 Tribute 1


Story feedback (to alinewrites) and e-mail response (to crazybutsound) are still owed and will be dealt with today IF POSSIBLE.  (I have consultants due to arrive at my desk in about 45 minutes; they're going to be spending at least half the day with me, which means LJ stays minimised.  After they leave, I have work projects on deadline (tomorrow afternoon, actually) that have to be wrapped up.)

I'm only doing this post now because I'm getting more and more alarmed by the news stories coming out of France.  The riots are front page news on the Financial Times, New York Times, and even the Los Angeles Times  (which has never particularly impressed me with its interest in international events).  Reading all three papers, here's the list I come up with of cities which have been touched by the rioting:

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